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Claire Cosmetic Innovation

Claire SpA has produced and packaged this excellent product rendered unique by its natural active principles. Claire SpA has been producing cosmetics through the synergy of the expertise and experience also in the pharmaceutical sector since 1997. Claire is a UNIPRO member (National Cosmetic Industry Association) and certified to ISO 9001/2008 and ICEA for the production of natural cosmetics.

Study Center Thermal Veneto Pietro D'Abano

Centro Studi Termali Pietro d'Abano is the research facility that gives life to the studies related to AbanoSPA products. From its creation in 1981, the activity of Centro Studi Termali Pietro d'Abano reached important aims that allowed the certification of the microalgae grown in the Euganean thermal mud, thanks to the particular microclimate of the area, in contact with the bromide and iodide salt hyper-thermal water with the registered name ETS (Euganean Thermal Spring) 03 - 05 - 08. Unique algae and a unique European Patent that Centro Studi Termali Pietro d'Abano got in 2013.

Fabrizio Caldara

Fabrizio Caldara is the Scientific Director of the Pietro D'Abano Veneto Thermal Water Study Center. A graduate with honors from the University of Padova in Biological Sciences specialized in Molecular Cytology, the co-author of numerous scientific publications (and one international patent) and presentations at conventions and conferences at academic and other institutions, Dr. Caldara continued refining both his detailed and transversal knowledge of research and development methods in the pharmaceutical action mechanism and pharmaceutical product sectors in over 14 years of professional activity at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK R&D), the world’s third leading-selling pharmaceuticals producer.

The Principal Researcher and Project Leader in national and international studies, Dr. Caldara has developed research skills in the field of infectious, neuro-psychiatric and genetic disease, as testified by an Excellence Science Award, while also gaining two years of experience in the role of Medical Advisor in the GSK Pharma vaccine area investigating the essential elements of preventive medicine in disorders regarding infancy/adolescence, adult age and the elderly and developing research protocols for post-regulatory phase clinical studies.

His curriculum lists collaboration in the biomedical field with research and/or healthcare structures and public and private institutions (e.g. hospitals, foundations, research centers) and also his services as external referee for the merit assessment of medical-biological research projects for the University of Padova, as well as academic researched for the Telethon Foundation in the 6 years prior to his experience in the pharmaceutical field. He has also been the winner of a study granted in Evolutionary Biology and Genetics, a graduate student in Bio-informatics at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EML) in Heidelberg, Germany (the European Union’s most prestigious biological research center), and is the holder of a PhD in Biotechnologies from the University of Padova.


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